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We did our own tally of payments made to Perkins Coie, all of which were reported, as required by law, in quarterly disbursement reports filed to the FEC by his campaign organization, Obama for America. Not what Trump and others have assumed. Specifically, the payments by Obama for America to Perkins Coie covered all sorts of legal expenses -- not just expenses related to birth certificate issues.

The FEC forms do not specify what each payment specifically went for, since that degree of detail is not required by law. We also couldn't get additional details from Perkins Coie or the Democratic National Committee about how the legal fees were spent. However, DNC National Press Secretary Hari Sevugan told the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call in a March 31, , story that "the campaign has incurred ordinary legal expenses related to the wind-down of its operations and other legal services, which all campaigns incur, and which are proportional to the unprecedented size of this campaign.

Hollister, who had filed a suit raising questions about the legitimacy of Obama's right to hold the office of president.

President Obama Provides His Birth Certificate to the Press

WND reported that Bauer -- who later left Perkins Coie to serve as White House counsel -- wrote to Hollister's attorney that "the suit is frivolous and should not be pursued. Should you decline to withdraw this frivolous appeal, please be informed that we intend to pursue sanctions, including costs, expenses and attorneys' fees Still, there are clearly lots of other expenses incurred by the Obama campaign's legal team that have nothing to do with the citizenship question. For instance, the Republican National Committee filed a complaint with the FEC claiming that the Obama campaign had accepted donations from foreign nationals, among other alleged campaign finance infractions.

All told, Roll Call reported that "the FEC has written 26 letters — totaling more than 1, pages — to the Obama campaign questioning its reports and outlining a flurry of compliance concerns. Two of the experts who took this position have represented Republicans -- Trevor Potter, a campaign finance lawyer who worked for the and presidential campaigns of John McCain and the campaign of George H.

A third attorney who agreed, Allison R. Vendor disputes may exist and require settlement. Department of Justice. Several of these cases were dismissed almost immediately. Others were active for up to a year but were ultimately dismissed and then, in some cases, appealed.

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The case in which Bauer wrote the letter to the plaintiff was dismissed twice by the Supreme Court. We interpret the quotations by Trump and Palin to mean payments made by Obama in a personal capacity, not in cases where he's represented in an official capacity by government lawyers. For one thing, both Trump and Palin used the term "legal fees," which would be irrelevant in a case defended by government lawyers.

Federal attorneys are paid a salary by the taxpayers, and they do not charge their "client" -- in this case, the president -- fees for representation.

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But it has not deterred Orly Taitz, an attorney at the forefront of the birther movement. On Monday, Taitz told a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that the long-form birth certificate released by Obama is "not a true and correct image.

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District Judge David Carter in late They asked the panel to remand the suit to Carter in Orange County. The appellate panel seemed to concur, wondering how the lawsuit could have merit, given it was filed after the election and Obama had already taken office.

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  • Obama produced his full birth certificate amid growing doubts about his birth in the U. In releasing the document, Obama said he hoped the nation could focus on more serious issues. Both Taitz and Kreep have been unable to convince courts around the nation their lawsuits have merit. Taitz sued in Georgia federal court on behalf of Army Capt.

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    Other plaintiffs in the case include conservative activist Alan Keyes, libertarian vice presidential write-in candidate Gail Lightfoot and other members of the military. Assistant U. For the birther movement, the 9th Circuit appeal is a difficult platform in which to make its argument.