How do you look at someones hidden comments

Select "Music," for example, to view all of the artist and music-related pages liked by the user. Click on your friend's name on the cover photo to return to the main timeline page and scroll down to the Recent Activity box, which may include notifications of recent likes. Click "More recent activity" to see if any older stories are available. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

Instagram now lets everyone filter comments using blocklists, will show friends’ comments first

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Step 1 Log in to Facebook and type the name of the friend whose likes you want to see in the search box at the top. Step 2 Click "More" and then "Likes" to view content liked by the user. Step 3 Click "More" and choose another option from the drop-down list to see likes in that category.

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Tips Hovering the cursor over the thumbs up symbol under any activity on Facebook shows you the users who have clicked to like it. This works in the news feed, on your timeline and on the timelines of others. It is not possible to see a full archive of the comments, statuses, photos and other content liked by another Facebook user in other words, any likes that don't involve a specific Facebook page. These likes may appear in your news feed if you are friends with the user, and may appear in the person's Recent Activity box.

Facebook gives users control over the visibility of the likes on their timelines. Hide it from the timeline? Of course. But this trick is going to uncover your potato face to your friends if they come to know about it. And also you can see all photos of someone on Facebook. Go to the timeline of the person whose hidden photos you want to reveal. Now you have to find the numeric Facebook ID of that user, to do so you can head toward this article where you can find several ways to get the numeric ID with simplest tricks available.

How do I block or unblock someone from commenting on my Instagram photos and videos?

Find the Facebook ID by visiting this page. Do a graph search on Facebook like — www. As an example, I am taking this Profile to show you the process. So I got the Facebook ID for the above profile which is To reveal the hidden photos you need to perform a Graph search on Facebook like —. If you check the revealed photos then you will notice that these photos are public where the target user is tagged.

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  • This graph search will list all the photos at one place whether they or hidden or shared with you, you can simply scroll down and view photos on Facebook. This method is nothing new but a Google Chrome extension which automates the above process and you just need to click on a button.

    Now you have a trick to see hidden photos on Facebook. What do you think let me know in comments? A recent update by Facebook has limited the graph search since this tool is being used by online investigators to gather evidence of cyberbullying, war crime and human trafficking.

    Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review

    As if now this graph search to see all photos of any user is not working. The workaround to this search is limited too. I will update this article if I find any further workarounds, bookmark this page to see the latest method to unhide the hidden tagged photos of a friend and non-friend.

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    Learn how your comment data is processed. This used to work.

    View Hidden Comments/Friends

    And unfortunately there are no real alternatives yet. Does not work. Trying all the way. Please give me new link or new way to check someone photos on facebook.