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About Property Taxes Property taxes represent a property owner's portion of the local government's spending in a given year.

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Property taxes in Indiana are paid in arrears, meaning the taxes paid in the current year represent the taxes owed for the previous year. Taxes in Indiana are due annually in 2 installments, due in May and November. A property's assessed value is the basis for property taxes. Annually local assessing officials assess the value of real property on March 1 based on market value in use of the property. County officials add all of the assessed values of property in a county together and subtract the applicable deductions to determine the county's net assessed value.

The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance sets the total amount of money government units in a county can spend in a year based on projected revenues for the county. This total allowed expenditure is divided by the net assessed value to determine the tax rate. The tax rate is multiplied by the assessed value after all deductions are subtracted from each property. The county auditor then applies the state homestead credit and property tax replacement credit to arrive at the amount the property owner will pay in taxes to the county.

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Property tax statements are computed in December using values on the assessment roll. Assessments can be appealed during the period between the end of April when notices are mailed and the 3rd Monday in May. An objection must be filed by requesting an objection form and returning the completed form to the Assessor's office by the deadline. The Personal Property PA return is now available.

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Businesses with a personal property accounts will be mailed letters in early January requesting business owners to download and complete the form. The completed and signed form is to be returned to our office on or before March 1, For more information about personal property retuns, click here.

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Download Sales Data. Property Search. Welcome to the Assessor's Office On our website you will find useful information concerning property located in the City of Milwaukee and the assessment process.

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What Does Doomage Mean? Look up assessment by address or tax key Appeals and Objections Assessments can be appealed during the period between the end of April when notices are mailed and the 3rd Monday in May.

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See the links below for more information on the appeals and objection process. Please call to arrange to have the files brought to the front desk for viewing. Each property record file will be looked at by staff prior to viewing to remove confidential information. A Records Request Form will need to be filled out and signed.

If prior notice is not provided, the requested records will be available within 24 hours. If copies are needed, we provide one free copy of the computer generated property record card. Anything after that is 25 cents per page. Cash only.