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I made this comment recently and received a condescending email from a background screening colleague who disagreed. Look at all the screening firms offering limited 7 year employee background checks. Or only searching the name entered leaving off other names the applicant has been know by maiden, former married, other, etc. Where is the regulation?

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The bottom line is great companies provide great products and services. You are the consumer of background checks so demand this. Demand great background checks. Demand great service. You have options. There are some great background screening firms.

Criminal Records:

However, you are going to need to do your due diligence and wade through some sophisticated marketing programs. You are going to need to educate yourself on the industry. Since the very, very beginning.

And we always will. That is the type of background screening firm your are looking for. Not a company that is looking in the rearview mirror or trying to replicate what their competitors are doing.

How boring. Are you ready to do background screening correctly? Download our 10 Things to Know Before Hiring a Background Screening Firm and arm yourself with the tools to conduct your due diligence on prospective criminal background check companies. Any Apple groupies out there?

Would you like to partner with a background screening firm that operates like Apple?

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I can tell almost instantly when an applicant really believes their criminal record check should be clear. The crying and gulping for air. Have kids? You know what that sounds like. This is a conversation I have with young applicants once or twice a month. Generally, they have made a stupid mistake like illegal consumption of alcohol. The conversation usually goes something like this:. This young applicant is fresh out of college and applying for her first teaching position. It is not the criminal record itself that has them on the not-getting-hired bubble but the lack of disclosing the record.

The employer thinks you lied. Not good. Honesty is 1 on most employers list of character issues. Dishonesty in the hiring process will almost always be grounds for adverse action. Here is the real scoop. Unless you have the criminal record expunged, it will always show. We receive hundreds of phone calls a year from prospective applicants wanting to know what will show on a criminal background check. My advice is always, if you have a record, report it or you will not get the job.

The following dispositions are NOT synonymous with clear:. Now, some of these records, still visible to background screening firms, may not be reportable under the Fair Credit Reporting Act or state law, but they are not clear. Navigating the myriad of court dispositions during a criminal record check can can be confusing for employers. Look at the West Memphis, AR case from that is back in the news. DNA says the three kids convicted 17 years ago are not the perpetrators and will be freed.

Here is the catch. The three must plead guilty to the murders. Did you get that? Plead guilty to get out of prison. Well, it is called an Alford plea. The crazy reason in this case is freedom. The state wants the Alford plea so the three cannot turn around and sue because of losing 17 years of their life. Guess what. They will be free but all future background checks will say they are guilty of murder. I know, I am scratching my head too.

The only disposition that is synonymous with clear is expungement. This is the same as wiping the slate clean. As if it never occurred. One key to understanding the expungement process is it does not occur naturally or automatically. This is a process that requires petitioning the court. The challenge for employers is determining whether the applicant honestly believed this criminal record was clear. Or was the applicant trying to play you, hoping that nothing would show? The key is to partner with a quality background screening firm that is providing deep, comprehensive criminal background checks.

If you are relying on cheap or limited 7 year background checks then this article was probably boring. Because this issue never comes up. These applicants are sliding through your process without having to disclose their true backgrounds. Click here to determine if your background screening process is really protecting you from bad hires or volunteers. Have you ever spent your whole day dealing with sex offenders? I hope not.

However, checking criminal records lends itself to days like this. And yesterday was one of those days for me. Before finishing my first cup of java I was reviewing the pending background check of a physician who has been successful at removing his name from the state and national sex offender registry. He was convicted and served time for child pornography.

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This is certainly not new territory for me. I was a violent crime detective with the Metro Nashville Police Department and have spent the past 20 years traveling the U. And violence against women and children is a topic that can really pinch the nerve of a perpetrator. There have been times I have pinched so hard that it drew a comment from a participant. No shock because every speaking engagement has perpetrators and victims represented. I understand the math. Usually the perpetrator waits and writes me a scathing note in the evaluation.

I take the comments as validation I am saying the right things. And I will never apologize for standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. After reviewing the sex offender record, I stumbled across a comment on a recent blog post I had written about sex offenders volunteering at a VA hospital. Notice I say defenders because none of those commenting self-disclosed. However, I can read between the lines. I thought the most recent comment might provide some valuable insight. I will break this comment down to make it easier to dig into:.

Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. The research is actually quite clear that sex offenders have an extremely high recidivism rate. And, yes I do have an understanding of the legal system having been a violent crime detective and working with victims that had been raped, abused and murdered. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system rarely keeps its promise to victims of crime. You are not familiar with their individual cases. Everybody listed on the registry has been convicted by a jury or a judge. Have innocent people been convicted of crimes? However, there are far more offenders that should be on the list that are not than innocent people on the registry.

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Was that a cheap database search? Reference check? How does the board know the situation? Was the victim given a voice? They should have addressed this a long time ago.