What does a criminal background check include

Setting aside the FCRA restrictions, you probably still have concerns about what an employer can discover about your past. Worry not. Monster spoke to experts to address some common fears job seekers have about background checks. There are some exceptions. With felonies and misdemeanors, employers are looking for the nature of the crimes. In most cases, employers must obtain the applicant's written authorization before the background check, so take this opportunity to bring up anything that may raise eyebrows during the checking process.

There's no such thing as a perfect employee, and companies know this. Don't let a less-than-ideal track record discourage you. Still concerned your past might jeopardize your future and are not sure what to do?

Start by joining Monster today. As a member, you'll get career advice and job search tips sent directly to you to help you become a strong, promising candidate—no matter what industry you're in. Also, employers may use such screenings when hiring high-level executives and individuals who work in the medical field, with children or with older adults.

In addition to revealing federal criminal offenses such as kidnapping and robbery, a federal criminal background screening may uncover information about crimes relating to the sexual exploitation of children and illegal sales and purchases of firearms. Individuals attempting to purchase firearms in the United States are subject to background screenings processed by the FBI.

What does a federal background screening include, and how does it differ from a typical background check? The two types of screenings have some elements in common, while others are unique to federal checks. Federal background checks may include:. Hiring for law enforcement and other public-sector positions — along with executive, financial and sensitive jobs — requires conducting thorough background screenings.

Federal background checks are an important component of your overall vetting process. By verifying critical information such as federal criminal charges and convictions, employment history and lawsuits, you gain confidence in the fitness of candidates for important positions.

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What Shows Up On a Background Check?

Client Login. September What Is a Federal Background Check? How Federal Background Checks Are Used Federal criminal background checks often are part of comprehensive government employment screenings for law enforcement officers and other public-sector employees. Learn what employers are allowed to look into in a background check, when they have to tell you in advance, and what they have to share with you. Know your rights so that you can prepare for a background check.

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  6. Before an employer conducts a background check on you which the FCRA defines as a consumer report , they must notify you in writing and get your written authorization. However, if the employer is simply conducting inquiries on their own rather than getting a report through another company , they do not legally have to ask for your consent.

    For example, they do not have to get your consent to call your former employer.

    What Does a Background Check Consist Of?

    They only need to notify you if they use a third-party employment screening company. This will also include information on your right to dispute the report. A background check can range from a simple verification of your social security number to a much more thorough check into your history. Information that an employer might check can include your work history , credit , driving records, criminal records , vehicle registration, court records, compensation, bankruptcy, medical records, references , property ownership, drug test results , military records, and sex offender information.

    Employers can also conduct a character check, which might involve speaking with your personal acquaintances, including friends and neighbors.

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    4. Generally, the information they check will be related to the job. For example, if you are hired to work in a bank, it would be reasonable for the employer to check whether you have a history of embezzlement or theft. The extensiveness of a background check depends on the employer, company, and the job involved.

      What does a background check consist of?

      For example, if you are applying for a government job with a high security clearance , you will likely undergo a very thorough background check. What can't be included in a background check? There is some information that cannot be disclosed under any circumstances.