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Once you find and join a group , participate by starting a discussion or asking a question. And be sure to join both big and small groups.

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Also consider creating your own group. This brings you instant credibility, as people like to network with experts and other well-connected people. They already know who you are and like what you have to say.

41 Unique & Creative Expert Tips to Find Employees

To make it easy for people to find you , add keywords to your LinkedIn profile. The three main areas to focus on are your headline and Summary and Experience sections. All of these sections are searchable. Adding keywords will lead to more views and make you more searchable, increasing the potential for new connections. When filling out these sections, tell stories and be creative , use every character allowed and work in relevant keywords that people will search for.

For example, if you run your own business, you might be called president or CEO, but how many people will actually search for those terms? Instead, use keywords that describe what you do, as in the headline below. If you belong to a local networking group, look through your membership directory and send LinkedIn connection requests to individual members.

LinkedIn has a publishing platform that makes it easy to publish attractive posts, look like an expert three posts are displayed with images at the top of your profile page and showcase more of what you know and do in a professional format. One of the key benefits of the publishing platform is that your posts are seen by the entire LinkedIn community, not just your connections, which increases your exposure. Getting noticed by a broader audience will help you build your network by reaching that elusive fourth layer and beyond.

Make sure you publish at least a few times a month to keep your content fresh and current. Set a goal to try at least one or two of these tips each week.

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  • 41 Unique & Creative Expert Tips to Find Employees;
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What do you think? What tactics have helped you grow your LinkedIn network? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Expert-generalists study widely in many different fields, understand deeper principles that connect those fields, and then apply the principles to their core specialty. The jack of all trades myth. Focus on just one field. Master of none. The success of expert-generalists throughout time shows that this is wrong.

Learning across multiple fields provides an information advantage and therefore an innovation advantage because most people focus on just one field.

LinkedIn Job Search Tutorial - How To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job

Despite this basic insight, few people actually learn beyond their industry. This is the expert-generalist advantage. One fascinating study echoes this insight.

Unlock nascent value in internal employees by making “eureka” moments an every day thing

It examined how the top 59 opera composers of the 20th century mastered their craft. Starting from his early teenage years, Musk would read through two books per day in various disciplines according to his brother , Kimbal Musk. To put that context, if you read one book a month, Musk would read 60 times as many books as you. As he got older, his reading and career interests spread to physics, engineering, product design, business, technology, and energy.

This thirst for knowledge allowed him to get exposed to a variety of subjects he had never necessarily learned about in school. Learning transfer is taking what we learn in one context and applying it to another. This is where Musk shines. Several of his interviews show that he has a unique two-step process for fostering learning transfer. Side note: Want to take your learning routine to the next level? I created a free learning how to learn webinar you might like. First, he deconstructs knowledge into fundamental principles.


It is important to view knowledge as sort of a semantic tree — make sure you understand the fundamental principles, i. Research suggests that turning your knowledge into deeper, abstract principles facilitates learning transfer. Research also suggests that one technique is particularly powerful for helping people intuit underlying principles. Which approach do you think would work better? Approach 1. Each different A in Approach 1 gives more insight into what stays the same and what differs between each A.

Each A in Approach 2 gives us no insight.

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By looking at lots of diverse cases when we learn anything, we begin to intuit what is essential and even craft our own unique combinations. What does this mean in our day-to-day life? We should explore lots of different approaches, deconstruct each one , and then compare and contrast them. This will help us uncover underlying principles.